Proofreading & Language Editing

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  • targetPenning an article that you want to ensure it is impeccable?

  • targetStruggling to make your research feel and read like bona fide academic writing?

  • targetTired of feeling nervous every time you wish to insert a comma?

  • targetLooking for error-free documents?

 If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then Lingo Shack is the right place for you!

 Lingo Shack’s native English and Arabic proofreaders not only have the advantage of extensive field experience, but also possess strong academic qualifications and are specialised in proofreading and editing. This is because we do believe that Language Editing is not an innate ability as much as it is an acquired skill. As a case in point, someone enrolled in a college or university program can incrementally develop their proofreading ability as they progress through the stages of their study and training.

While this skill is essential for everyone, whether they be students, academics, authors, employees, business owners or even bloggers, oftentimes writers may be hampered from being able to express their ideas and thoughts in the most lucid and structured way, either due to inadequate training,
or lack of command in the language they are writing in.

The quality of your writing reveals a lot about you. Indeed, your words have the potential to be the key to your success.

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The First Ten Clients who Order a Translation Project Through our Website will Enjoy 100% DISCOUNT on their First Proofreading Orders! We will strive to imbue your writing with that extra touch of polish and professionalism to really enable your ideas to shine through.