Data Analysis

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Whether you are a businessman looking for a profound understanding on the feasibility of your business, a postgraduate attempting to analyse your collected data, or a politician with a bulk of numbers that you desire to translate them into real-world facts, we are willing to put our expertise and knowledge at your service.

 Data analysis is a body of methods that help to describe facts, detect patterns, develop explanations, and test hypotheses.” (Joel H. Levine)

Despite of what the term “Data Analysis” may suggest, it is a complicated and sophisticated knowledge as it is not just about numbers — it, in fact, uses them.  This is because Data Analysis introduces statistics as a problem-solving process. Yet, the researcher needs to carry out the effort of interpreting those numbers in a manner that allows the audience to understand. Data Analysis is used in all fields; it is used in business, in administration, in academic researches and in policy.

This service is tailored to meet the demands and needs of businessmen, academics, researchers, politicians and the elite who never accept to settle down for anything less than high-quality professional services from the experts.

We Provide

  • targetVariable definition on SPSS.

  • targetDescriptive data analysis: including the mean, median, range, frequencies, skewness, and kurtosis.

  • targetInferential statistics: ANOVA, MANOVA, ANCOVA, MANCOVA, Regression.

  • targetNon-Parametric: Correlations, T-test.

  • targetTool validation.

  • targetInternal consistency (Cronbach’s Alpha, KR 20).

  • targetFactor analysis (Principal FA, Exploratory FA); including pattern matrix, tests of normality (KMO), ROC, Bartlett's Test of Sphericity, Plots (as required by the test).

  • targetResult interpretation.