Project Management

Lingo Shack utilises a quality control system supported by rigorous project management procedure, to ensure that all our clients receive high quality translation results with consistent styling and terminology.

All our projects routinely undergo refinement, proofreading and a final review, before they are handed to the client.

  • clipboardFile delivery - Clients submit the file to our project manager who fields initial questions and assembles a team to work on the assignment.

  • clipboardProject Preparation – A timeline is set, and translators are matched based on the criteria of the project.

  • clipboardTranslation – Sections of the file are allocated to the assigned translators. Any comments or special considerations requested by the client are forwarded to the team members.

  • clipboardFollow up – The speed of progress is continuously measured against the timeline to ensure that deadlines are met.

  • clipboardReview - Any comments, suggestions or feedback given by the translators is passed on to the client, without affecting the progress of the work.

  • clipboardQuality Assurance - Completed sections of the assignment are sent to proofreaders who scrutinize it for accuracy and professional quality. Their feedback, if any, is acted upon by the translators.

  • clipboardProject Manager Review – In the final stage, each section is reviewed by the project manager before the completed project is handed over to the client.

The following chart explains the workflow of every project we handle: