Why Us ?

Ten Great Things that Set us Apart from Other Companies:

clipboardWe are proud of the fact that we employ professional, dedicated, full-time, licensed translators and proofreaders; we do not rely primarily on outsourcing work to freelancers.

clipboardWe are a certified and registered company that abides by the rules and regulations of the country we operate from; this means that we are legally liable, unlike other companies that have a purely virtual existence and but no accountability or legal status.

clipboardWe do not endeavor to provide translation for every language on earth! We believe that specialization and dedication are paramount to delivering quality service to our clients, therefore we only specialize in four main languages; Arabic, English, German and French.

clipboardWe are dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients, therefore should a client desire our assistance in a language other than the foregoing languages, Lingo Shack carefully and meticulously choose a highly-skilled freelancer with the appropriate experience and knowledge who fulfills the requirements of the project. The client will be kept informed throughout the process; additionally, to put the client’s mind at ease, each contracted freelancer shall have to sign two documents: a confidentiality agreement, whereby the client is ensured that no information shall be disclosed to a fourth party, and a written code-of-ethics that the contractor agrees to abide by.

clipboardWe run a strict quality-assurance system in order to monitor the quality of work and ensure an error-free outcome.

clipboardWe assign a contact person to each client, whose job it is to keep the client up-to-date about the progress of the work, and to facilitate communication between the client and the work team.

clipboardNot only do the proofreaders we employ possess academic degrees related to proofreading in the relevant language, but also they are native speakers of the language.

clipboardWe pride ourselves on making our services available to clients on a limited budget, who wish to enjoy professional results that are on par with more expensive options.

clipboardAll our translations are done by humans; we do not employ machine translation software or online services.

clipboardWe aim to build strong and long-lasting business relationships with our clients, therefore we are always sensitive and flexible to the client’s needs. We spare no effort in providing full satisfaction by tailoring and customizing our services to meet their expectations.