Translation and Interpretation

  • targetFed up with hiring the services of low-quality freelancers churning out mediocre translations?

  • targetTired of slow service and missed deadlines?

  • targetLooking for highly qualified, professional in-house translators who do not rely on machine translations?

  • targetDesirous of hiring the services of professionals, even though your project has a limited budget?

    If your answer to any of the above questions is YES, then you are definitely in the right place!


Lingo Shack prides itself on offering professional, high-quality and cost-effective translations of texts and documents. All our translations are completed by highly qualified, professionally-licensed translators with extensive experience in the field of translation who are fluent in both the
source and the client-requested languages. We are specialised in the following four mainstream languages*

(1) Arabic

(2) English

(3) French

(4) German

* Other Languages are also available upon request.


What Materials Do We Translate?

  • ink-icon-1Legal & official documentation

  • ink-icon-1Website content

  • ink-icon-1Promotional and marketing material

  • ink-icon-1Books, researches, and articles

  • ink-icon-1Medical, scientific and technical reports and material

  • ink-icon-1News reports and journals

  • ink-icon-1And More…