We do not sell just a service, but also a quality.

All projects have to go through our strict quality assurance process to keep the quality of work up to our standards. Our work starts even before starting off. Once the client contacts us and explain their needs and requirements, our in-house linguists analyse and evaluate the project to estimate the needed timeframe and actual work needed to help our clients keep their budget at bay. 
After all requirements are confirmed and receiving the client’s confirmation, a project manager is assigned and a dedicated team is allocated. The project manager will serve as the focal point whose mission is to communicate the requests of client, oversee the progress of work, and make sure the content is cross-cultural and politically correct, and ready to submit on time. 

Let our specialised team help your business enter new markets and have a unique footprint around the world.                                       


We understand there are heaps of freelancers and translation service providers but we always like to stay ahead in competition, offering our clients advantages that they do not find anywhere else. 

International Presence

Lingo Shack™ is operating in more than 5 countries, which empowers us to take large and multiple projects at the same time. We like to utilise our resources and full-time in-house translators and linguists to meet urgent deadlines and projects that require high availability.

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In-House Linguists

Lingo Shack™ relies on its in-house translators, editors, and linguists to maintain our rates as low as possible, assure the quality of its deliverables, and protect the privacy of clients. This advantage sets us apart from other language services providers and translation agencies.

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Human Translation

Lingo Shack™ guarantees a quality human translation thanks to our in-house and contracted licensed linguists. We believe in technology and use CAT tools to help our work be more efficient, but we never trust machine translation, because translation needs context and has a culture that no machine can understand.

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Confidentiality and Privacy

Lingo Shack™ has a strict privacy policy and a detailed code of business ethics that obliges its in-house personnel and contracted parties to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. We have handled heaps of top classified and high-level projects so as we appreciate the sensitivity of information and that every letter matters.

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Great support - out of the box - with much brainy people in their team. Im fully satisfied even above my expectations and get much more than the requested translation. They gave me the best legal advice as well to support my rights and at the end I got a perfect contract for my business to get my rights. The value of it is much more than the amount I paid for the translation

Jacqueline Salaouatchi
Secret Arabia Travel Agency

We used Lingo Shack's translation services for English-to-Arabic on official documents. We were on a tight deadline and needed a quick, reliable, and accurate translator who could also produce a well-written final document in Arabic. Lingo Shack stepped up to the challenge and produced an excellent final document. We would definitely use their services again.

Yaser Qatarnah
Independent Consultant

Having worked with you for almost two years I am extremely satisfied with the efficiency, speed of service and quality of translations executed by your company, it is rare to find translation services that are closer to copywriting than literal translation.

Ruwaida Abela
Shangri-la Hotels

We have been a customer since 2015, and our experience with Lingo Shack over the years has been exceptional. Their quality of work, prompt response, professionalism and flexibility prove they are one of one of the top language services providers in the Middle East.

Tariq Khonji
Perceptions Co.

Lingo Shack was of great help in my business visit to Jordan. The Arabic-English interpretation they provided was accurate and helped me to get acquainted with the local context and have a better understanding of my interlocutors' views. Their interpreter was available, punctual, and helpful with details. I recommend their services to anyone in need of translation and interpretation services in Amman. 

Jordi Montagud
UN Consultant

As a researcher, I appreciate punctuality and professionalism, and Lingo Shack failed not my expectations. Their input while editing my thesis was of a great benefit and the final output was perfect. Not only will I certainly hire Lingo Shack for all my language needs, but also recommend their services to all my colleagues.

Fatin Btoush
PHD Student

We have appreciated the work of Lingo Shack. Their professionalism and knowledge on technical terms within field of development work ensured a high-quality translation both verbal and written.

Titte Obelitz Søe
Danish Red Cross

Working with Lingo Shack has been a delight. Offering expertise Arabic translations and quick turnarounds, it was the perfect partnership for our fast-paced industry and city. A consummate professional, I would recommend Lingo Shack to any of my colleagues or friends.

Natashia Hajee
Shangri-La Hotels

Thanks to Lingo Shack I no longer feel stressed about our language related needs. Their business ethics and readiness to go the extra mile always make my experience with them hassle-free. I highly recommend them; for I can say with confidence that Lingo Shack is always my (personally) first choice.

Wafa Ramadnah

Lingo Shack have a natural and considered approach to their translation which can often be disjointed and difficult to grasp. It made an important meeting go much better than it otherwise could have. I would whole heartedly recommend them to anyone needing natural translation services.

Gary W.
Indepenent Investigator

It’s a pleasure and a breeze to work with Lingo Shack, very responsive and easy to work with, we are using the translations right now for our presentations in different parts of the world.

Cristobal Galit Jr.
The Ritz Carlton